Andi is a main character in The Raid: Redemption. He acts as Tama Riyadi's skilled bodyguard and is revealed to be Rama's brother. 

Andi was killed by Bejo for his betrayal on Bangun. 

The Raid: RedemptionEdit

At first, he realizes his brother is part of the police squad attacking Tama's territory when he recognizes his face in one of the security cameras. After that, he tries to find his brother to eventually save him from the certain death he would encounter during the raid.

He later does so and joins Rama. Also, Tama slowly realizes this and pierces Andi's hand with a knife after he finds out. Tama then gives Mad Dog the "honor" to kill Andi.

Rama discovers Mad Dog beating Andi, and together they team up to kill Mad Dog. In the end, Rama and Andi are able to overcome Mad Dog.

After Wahyu kills Tama, Andi takes over the apartment's lead. He escorts the remaining officers out of the complex, and recommends them to go to Bunawar's. Andi tells Rama he will not leave his outpost, since it "fits" to him. Andi leaves the officers and retreats to his outpost, to lead the apartment inhabited by Gofar, his wife, and unknown amount of non-hostile addicts.

The Raid 2: BerandalEdit

Two hours after the eponymous raid, Andi is captured by Bejo and his men. Bejo prepares to his men to execute Andi, since he didn't know his place in the criminal world and took over the apartment complex after Tama's demise.


Killed ByEdit

Andi is shot in the head with a shotgun by the Assassin, under Bejo's command.


  • Andi is one of the few survivors of the raid, others including RamaBowoWahyuGofar and his unnamed wife and a couple of non-hostile addicts as well.
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