Bangun is a respected crime lord who is the benevolent kingpin of Jakarta and the father of Uco, as well as a main character/supporting protagonist in The Raid: Berandal.


Early Crime Life Edit

There are some hints in Bangun life and rise as a crime lord. Through his life, he build his criminal empire through many ways. Prakaso, his loyal enforcer have serve him 30 years. He had a son, Uko who is prepared to inherit his empire as well. He have Tama, a drug lord to be in charge of bribing the cops to ignore their crime. They also have a rival gang called the Gotos who came from Japan but they have a truce for 10 years before the crime war happened.

A New Member Edit

His son was arrested by the politician who hated Uco and Bangun sent some of his men to protect him from dangerous prison elements. His son is rescued by a fellow prisoner, Yuda in a prison fight from Uco's assailants. 2 years later, Yuda is free and Uco invite him to join his father gang. They went to Bangun's company office to meet him who is meeting with the Gotos. Bangun thanked Yuda for saving his son and before he let him to join his gang. He asked Yuda to stripped sown everthing to check whether he is an undercover cop, Eka, his right hand man check Yuda's body and show no signs of police wire. After this, Bangun officially invite Yuda into his gang.

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