"Give me the ball!" — Baseball Bat Man wanting ball back to Man, and later Rama.

Baseball Bat Man is one of Bejo's assassins and serves as one of the two quaternary antagonists in the film, The Raid: Berandal. His sister, Hammer Girl, is also a trained killer for Bejo.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Life as an Assassin[edit | edit source]

Not much known for the Baseball Bat Man except he has a sister who is unnamed and profiecent with hammer. He worked as an assassin, probably indepedent before hired by Bejo.

Stirring up Fire[edit | edit source]

He and his sister are hired to kill some of the Goto's important members in order to start a war between Bangun's Gang and the Goto Yakuza. The Baseball Bat Man is sent to interrupt a deal between an unknown dealer and a Goto member. On the way, he kill and incapacitated some of the Yakuzas bodyguards protecting the deal.

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