Sgt. Bowo is one of the officers of the S.W.A.T. Unit lead by Sergeant Jaka and Lieutenant Wahyu. He takes part on the ill-fated raid on Tama Riyadi's narcotic cartel holdout. He is one of the main characters and few survivors of the raid.

The Raid: Redemption Edit

Bowo is the second-in-command of the S.W.A.T.-Team. During the raid he can be seen receiving orders from Sergeant Jaka, who e.g. tells him to take a certain sector with a part of the Squad.

After most of the police officers dying, Bowo is critically injured after being shot in the abdomen and ear by one of the addicts. Uncapable to take part in the battle any longer, Rama saves him as he brings Bowo in to Gofar's apartment. After Rama leaves him with the residents, Bowo is not seen until the end of the movie.

Although first seeming unlikely, Bowo successfully heals from his injuries and survives the raid with two other officers, Rama and Wahyu. After the raid, Bowo leaves the building complex limping with them to see Bunawar, an officer recommended by Andi.

The Raid 2: BerandalEdit

Lieutenant Bunawar, couple hours after the eponymous raid, receives the three surviving officers in to his office, one of them being Bowo. Bunawar notices his injuries, and Bowo is soon away to receive medical attention. Bowo tells Rama to be careful before leaving.

He is no longer seen in the movie, and possibly leaves the treatment to go home to his family, judging by the deleted scene.

Death (Deleted Scene) Edit

Killed By Edit

Bowo, who is still healing from his wounds, and his wife are murdered by one of Reza's henchmen. He is shot multiple times in the back. However, the scene was cut from original movie, so it is unknown whether it can be considered canon.

Trivia Edit

  • Bowo is one of the two surviving police officers of the first film's eponymous raid, along with Rama (assuming Bowo's death scene is non-canon.)
    • Bowo's deleted scene (alongside with few scenes) was probably deleted for interfering with the film's pacing and length issues.
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