Bunawar is a police officer in Jakarta Regional Police. He is the head of a police division who is dealing with corruption in the police department. He is also Rama's handler in his undercover mission.


Bunawar makes his first appearance in the beginning of The Raid: Berandal, where he orders Lieutnant Wahyu to be killed off and inaugurates Rama in his task force, to fight against the corruption of the Jakarta police. He explains to Rama that it would not be enough to just capture the "foot soldiers" (like Wahyu) and that he need his help to defeat the important gang leaders.

After slowly convincing Rama to join the task force (who agrees mostly because to protect his family), he tells Rama to sluice into a prison to make friends with Uco - who is the son of one of the gang leaders. After Rama succeeds to do so, he nearly gets caught because of his track transmitter as he is forced to undress in front of Banbun. In the course of Berandal Bunawar repeatedly increases Rama's concerns, as he risks Rama's cover or doesn't inform him about corrupted cops who are surprisingly attacking him later in the movie. Also neither Rama nor Eka are informed about each others involvment in the undercover-investigations by him.

Although mostly operating in the background Bunawar's decisions are quite dangerous for Rama, who sees himself eventually forced to take out the gang leaders (Uco, Reza and Bejo ) on his own, including the hired killers "Hammer Girl", "Baseball Bat Man" and "The Assassin".

After Rama encounters the Japanese gang under the leadership of Keiichi and apparently decides to leave his involvement in the gang wars and his membership in the task force behind ("No ... I'm done"), Bunawar only gets informed about the events through the radio. 

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