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S.W.A.T. Officer


Lieutenant Wahyu; Sergeant Jaka


Tama Riyadi
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First appearance:

The Raid: Redemption

Last appearance:

The Raid: Redemption

Portrayed By:

Eka "Piranha" Rahmadia
Dagu was a police officer, and a prominent member of the S.W.A.T. team that was given an order to raid a Jakarta apartment lead by Tama Riyadi. After most of his collagues deceased, he is ordered to be lieutenant Wahyu's body guard.

The Raid: Redemption Edit

Dagu takes part of the Jakarta apartment raid along with 20 other police officers, their goal being arresting the drug lord Tama Riyadi. After the addicts inside assassinate most of the squad, officer Rama manages to blow a fridge filled with a gas tank, killing several addicts and knocking out rest of the officers.

Dagu wakes up, and finds himself one of the five remaining officers, others including sergeant Jaka, lieutenant Wahyu, and officers Rama and Bowo. As Rama treats critically injured Bowo by taking him in to Gofar's apartment, Dagu remains with Jaka and Wahyu to complete the mission to capture Tama and escape the apartment.

Jaka gives Dagu the order to protect Wahyu at all costs, as he leaves to eliminate Mad Dog. Dagu does as he is ordered, and is seen fighting the addicts along with Rama and Wahyu.

Although being a background character most of the movie and rarely given any speech lines, he is shown to have skill to fight and is the last officer to die in the raid.

Death Edit

Killed By Edit

After restraining Tama, Wahyu betrays Dagu by shooting him in the head, ensuring that Dagu will not blab about Wahyu's ties to the criminal world.  

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