Gofar is a non-hostile resident of Tama Riyadi's apartment located in Jakarta. He is a married man, capable of practicing medical attention.

The Raid: Redemption Edit

Gofar is seen first during the squad's entering to the building, bringing medicine to his sick wife. He is threatened by officer Bowo, who tells him to stay with the squad. He is spared from assassination, but taken as hostage by Rama. Soon after the squad is noticed by the apartment residents, Gofar escapes. Jaka tells Rama to leave him.

Later, he receives officers Rama and critically injured Bowo to his aparment. He hides the two in to his secret room, and soon after couple gang members rush in. They threaten Gofar as they try to find the living officers. Gang members do not success finding them and after they leave, Gofar starts to treat Bowo with a kitchen knife to remove a bullet from his abdomen.

Bowo stays with Gofar most of the raid, and leaves the building after being treated by him. Gofar watches them leave with a grin on his face, as he was sure Rama and the other officers would never complete the mission and leave the building alive.

Gofar's final fate is unknown. It is possible he was executed/captured by Bejo and his men before Andi's execution.

Trivia Edit

  • Gofar is one of the few survivors of the raid, others including his unnamed wife, Rama, Bowo, Wahyu, Andi and a few of the non-hostile addicts as well.
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