Hideaki Goto (Nihongo: 後藤英明, Gotō Hideaki) or Goto is a main character in The Raid: Berandal, the founder and head/boss (oyabun) of Goto Family, a powerful yakuza family from Japan and one of the major crime families in Jakarta, as well as being it's personal friend to Bangun, the opposition, he is the father of Keiichi and the enemy of Reza before becoming Bejo's enemy as well after Bangun's death at the hands of his son, Uco, the one who is responsible for everything which results in Goto's war against Bejo and Reza.

After discovering Reza's plot to eliminate him, he sends Keichi and his gangs to terminate them only to find out Rama had done the job for them.


Prior the events of The Raid: Berandal, Hideaki Goto and his son Keiichi Goto created a powerful Yakuza empire there in Japan, which somehow came from Japan and landed in Indonesian lands, where the Goto Family became the most powerful Yakuza family outside of Japan, and one of the most powerful crime syndicates in all of Jakarta and Indonesia.


Hideaki Goto and his Yakuza syndicate appear first when Lieutenant Bunawar will meet Rama after he leaves the funeral of his brother Andi, in which he offers the work of undercover police officer in the Bangun's crime syndicate to eliminate Bangun's criminal empire and unmask corrupt police officers through a gang war. In this he mentions that the criminal underworld of Jakarta is dominated by the Bangun's criminal syndicate, the most powerful family of Indonesian Mafia and the Goto Family, the most powerful Yakuza syndicate and the most powerful Yakuza syndicate outside of Japan. After Rama gain the confidence of Uco in prison, the psychopath, dangerous and crazy by the power son and heir of Bangun, he and Uco go to Bangun's headquarters. At this moment a meeting is shown between Bangun and Hideaki Goto, the founder and head of Goto Family, in which they talk about the problem involving a certain crime lord named Bejo and the fact that he is stealing territory from both the Indonesian mafia and the Japanese mafia. At this moment, Uco and Rama arrive at the headquarters of Bangun and end up meeting with Keiichi Goto, son and heir of Hideaki Goto. Hideaki Goto has as one of the main allies Reza, the police commissioner and the main antagonist of franchise who betrays him in favor of Bejo, what ends up causing a confusion between Bangun and Goto, since Goto thinks that it was Bangun that made Reza betray him (Later knowing that it was a joint plan between Bejo and the nefarious and psychopathic son of Bangun, Uco, that ends up killing his own father). But the plan of Bejo and Uco ends up having bloody end, when Uco discovers that Bejo has the same tattoo as the guy who tried to kill him in prison: Uco ends up going crazy and killing Bejo, and tries to kill Rama, but Rama ends up killing Uco (after eliminating half of the members of Bejo's Gang). Without knowing it, Goto ends up sending his son Keiichi and his right hand man/bodyguard/interpreter Ryuichi and various other members of Goto's Yakuza to kill Bejo and Uco, but when they get there (at Bejo's headquarters), discovers that Rama did (so to speak) their work. Satisfied to see that, Keiichi offers Rama a place as a member of the Yakuza, which Rama immediately refuses, saying, "No, I'm done", leaving the way free for the Yakuza to take over all those territories left by Bangun, Uco and Bejo.



Hideaki Goto, the founder and the head/boss (Oyabun) of Goto Family


Keiichi Goto, Hideaki Goto's son and the heir of Goto Family Yakuza syndicate

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Hideaki Goto at Bangun's syndicate headquaters talking about Bejo

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