Keiichi Goto is the son and heir to the leader of the Goto Family and the Yakuza in Jakarta, Hideaki Goto.

Keiichi appears as a calm and not talkative man, who listens and respects the decisions of his father, unlike Uco.

In the end he is sent along with the Yakuza army to kill Uco and Bejo for his betrayal of the Goto, but he finds Rama, who has already done the work for them.

Out of gratitude and impress with his skills, he offers Rama a place in the Yakuza but Rama declines and lets him and the rest of the gang to take the others crime lords's territories.


  • Keiichi Goto can be considered a doppelgänger of the Uco, more precisely the Anti-Uco, since both are sons and heirs of powerful crime lords. However, while Uco is a guy who talks too much,is explosive, moody, and violent and is considered the rebellious son of Bangun, Keiichi Goto is the totally opposite, since he is calm, not talkative and listen and respects the decisions of his father.
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