This dangerous man was the leader of a small gang inside Tama Riyadi bulding in Jakarta.

He is first seen when he kills the wounded men after the explosion caused by Rama. He and his 4 other men, armed with machetes, start to look for the surviving SWAT officers. By the beginning he almost spots Jaka and his group but the noise caused by Rama's fight makes them move.

Shortly after he enters inside Gofar's room, where Rama and Bowo are hiddding. 

He suspects that they are hidden behind the wall and begin to pierce it with his machete, cutting Rama's cheek. He finally gives up looking there, although he threatens his tenant if he finds out that he actually hid them.

Minutes later, one of his men discovers Rama down the corridors and they begin to chase him and fight him. One by one, his men are falling until their leader fights face to face with Rama, being defeated. Finally Rama launches out the window using the leader as a shield, bumping violently against the balcony and dying. 

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