Mad Dog
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Tama Riyadi


Rama, Sergeant Jaka, Andi
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First appearance:

The Raid: Redemption

Portrayed By:

Yayan Ruhian

Mad Dog is the tertiary antagonist in The Raid Redemption. He was promoted/assumed to be the secondary antagonist in the film, though this was the mischief to later reveal the true secondary villain.

Storyline Edit

He is a brutally unstoppable killer and fighter and one of Tama's right hand man as well as Andi, although both Mad Dog and Andi don't get along well, Mad Dog can usually be seen with Tama sometimes but was soon scene confronting Sergeant Jaka, Lieutenant Wahyu and Dagu, Mad Dog easily knocks down Jaka, defeats Dagu and attacks Wahyu before escaping with Dagu as Mad Dog holds Jaka at gunpoint, Mad Dog captures Jaka but reveals that he doesn't want to kill him with a gun, stating that it's too boring and is the same thing, instead Mad Dog challenges Jaka to a hand to hand combat, but before Jaka can answer, Mad Dog attacks and fights Jaka, in the end of the battle, Mad Dog defeats Jaka before finishing him off by breaking his neck, after Mad Dog kills Jaka, he takes the corpse before Tama, despite Andi's protests that he has the wrong guy, when earlier on, Tama ordered him and Andi in an attempt to find Wahyu and kill him, stating that he was the one who is behind this mission to kill Tama not arrest him, later on Tama discovers Andi's betrayal and while asking him questions about becoming clean, Tama had Mad Dog kick Andi legs out from under him before Tama stabbed him in the hand with a knife and after taunting him about his coming death between him and his brother Rama, the reason why Andi betrayed Tama, Tama has Mad Dog attempt to beat him to death in order to lure Rama into a trap and have him killed as well, this works and Mad Dog releases Andi to Rama before he challenges both brothers to the movie's final fight, in the battle Mad Dog gains the upper hand when he injures Andi and knocks out Rama, he then attempts to break his neck, like before he did to Jaka, but he lost his chance when Andi, not willing to let his brother die, stabs Mad Dog in the neck with a sharp object, however despite his serious injury, Mad Dog fights back and remains strong until his finally met his match when Rama, with Andi's help, manages to defeat Mad Dog by overpowering him and knocking him down and breaking most of his bones before Andi tackles Mad Dog by kicking him down to the ground before Rama uses the sharp object to slit Mad Dog's throat, killing him instantly.

After Mad Dog's death Tama is also killed in the end which puts to the end of their organization and allowing Rama to escape while Andi stays behind.