Mad Dog is the tertiary antagonist in The Raid Redemption. He was promoted/assumed to be the secondary antagonist in the film, though this was the mischief to later reveal the The Raid 2: Berandalages to defeat Mad Dog by overpowering him and knocking him down and breaking most of his bones before Andi tackles Mad Dog by kicking him down to the ground before Rama uses the sharp object to slit Mad Dog's throat, killing him in a very slow death.

Mad dog's corpse

After Mad Dog's death Tama is also killed in the end which puts to the end of their organization and allowing Rama to escape while Andi stays behind.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It's unknown whether Prakoso (one of the villains of second movie) and Mad Dog have any connection to each other. But it is quite strange to have two different characters, but with the same face, same fighting style and interpreted by the same actor (Yayan Ruhian), which makes us wonder if Mad Dog and Prakoso would have any connection between them and especially if they were both brothers. It also coincides with the fact that both are the bodyguards of powerful crime lords ( Prakoso and Bangun/Mad Dog and Tama Riyadi).
  • Out of all the villains in the movies, Mad Dog came closest to killing Rama (By incapacitating him and attempting to strangle him to death). If it weren't for Andi's intervention, he would've killed Rama long time ago.
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