Tama Riyadi is the main antagonist in The Raid Redemption. He was a crime lord of Jakarta, and was in control of an apartment complex mostly inhabited by criminals. It is also revealed that he worked with Bangun as police briber.

The Raid: Redemption[edit | edit source]

In the beginning of the movie, Tama executes five unnamed criminals while his two right-hand men, Mad Dog and Andi, are watching. Later on the same day, he finds out that a 20-man police squad has invaded the complex. Surprisingly, he reveals he knew that they would come at some point and tells Mad Dog and Andi that their lieteunant, Wahyu, is a corrupt officer and that they have history together. Tama is also aware that no back-up forces are coming to save the officers. Through the PA systems, Tama announces that for every police his vassals kill they will be rewarded with a free room from the complex. Soon after the slaughter begins, and almost every officer excluding a few, dies. One of Tama's surveillance cameras blacks out, and he sends Mad Dog and Andi to cover the damages and kill the remaining officers.

After the defeat of officer Jaka, and Andi and Rama's reunion, Tama finds out through his cameras that Andi has betrayed him by lying to Tama. Tama then gives Mad Dog the order to kill Andi.

At the end of the raid, Tama hears gun shots near his office. He is then greeted by Wahyu and his henchman Dagu, who handcuffs Tama. Wahyu, afraid of Tama revealing the lieteunant's true intentions, executes Dagu and commands Tama to get him out of the apartment. 

Wahyu takes Tama hostage and tries to kill Rama in the process, until Tama reveals that he knew about the order that was given by Wahyu's supervisor Reza. Tama has been working with Reza and been paying him and his men enough money to keep them satisfied. Tama tells that Wahyu was sent to the complex to die sooner or later. 

Death[edit | edit source]

Killed By[edit | edit source]

Distraught and shocked by the revelation, Wahyu releases him from the struggle only to shoot his head on the process, killing him instantly. Wahyu then attempts to turn his gun and commit suicide only for his revolver to run out of bullets. Wahyu was later restrained by Rama and taken to the police station for his impending demise.

Tama gets shot by Wahyu

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tama is the only character from the movie series whose full name is known.
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