Uco is a nefarious mobster who is the son of Bangun and the rogue deuteragonist of The Raid: Berandal.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life and Ambition[edit | edit source]

Uco have been raise by his father who have built a criminal empire in his whole life. He is also friends with his father loyal enforcer, Prakoso who served his father for 30 years. He have shown the same 'fire' as his father to become the leader of gang. However, his father knew that he might make the same mistake as him in his early life and wish to control it to make Uco to become perfect as him.

Imprisonment and Friendship[edit | edit source]

One politician who have a grudge on Uco imprison him on an unknown crime. Bangun sent some men like Benny to protect his son from any danger elements in prison through Eka, his underboss. He later befriend with an inmate named Yuda who Uco is impressed with his skills on beating up several men before going down in a toilet and invite him to join his gang but Yuda refused.

He soon learned that Yuda had beaten up his hated politician's son which impressed him further. One day in the courtyard, Benny and few of his accomplices attempt to assassinate Uco but Yuda intervene and save him with their assailants killed or knocked out which caused a prison fight between the prison guards and the prisoners. Due to this event, Uco owed Yuda his life and invite him to his father gang.

Invitation and Back to Work[edit | edit source]

2 years later Uco and his cellmate when his father and his henchman Eka welcome him. However Uco become jealous on Yuda's relationship with his father who threatened him as own and Uco along with Yuda and Eka meet Topan who is pornographer filmmaker Uco is there to pick up collection money, Topan hands but Uco expanded to him that money is protection for his porn activities and other crimes before Yuda manged defeated Topan's henchman and A gun battle ensues between two gangs resulted deaths of Topan's gang and two members who worked with Uco. Bangun is impressed and praised on Yuda how handled fight and Uco who ask his father why he is like father figure or sympathetic to Yuda. at karaoke bar when two hostess were singing for them as Yuda refused to drinking, Uco beat one of hostess after she yelled him for defend her friend when Uco insult him Rama tries to defuse the situation by offering to sing a song but Uco continued assault the girl and another press the button for alarm to henchmen who asking him for what going on.

Uco had other plans: To oust his father as crime boss and make yakuza and his gang as enemies and meeting with Bejo at the restaurant who gave his present - splice to kill 5 men but unknown to them that Rama put wire on him for demeaned his brother's death.

Later, his father was enraged for provoking the war with the Japanese gang, in which he assaulted him severely. He angrily attempted to defend himself, only for him to be beaten further by his own father, until he was intervened by his henchman Eka.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Bangun[edit | edit source]

His relationship with his father is troubled hidden inside Uco.

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