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Police Officer of Jakarta Police Departement




Sergeant Jaka, Sergeant Rama, Sergeant Bowo, Dagu, Officer Alee


Rama and Andi,
Tama Riyadi
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One of many corrupt officers in Jakarta Police Departement


Deceased (killed by Bunawar's hencemen)

First appearance:

The Raid: Redemption

Latest appearance:

The Raid: Berandal

Last appearance:

The Raid 2: Berandal

Portrayed By:

Pierre Gruno
Lt. Wahyu is a main character and a high-ranking member of the S.W.A.T.-squad who raid the Jakarta apartment complex. He is a corrupt officer, who was formally affiliated with Reza and his supervisor behind the events of the first film; appearing as the true secondary antagonist in The Raid: Redemption. He is also a minor character in The Raid 2: Berandal.

The Raid: Redemption Edit

Wahyu was a police lieutenant of Jakarta who appeared to be assisting Sergeant Jaka and his unit in detaining nefarious landlord Tama Riyadi. After the 20-man squad enters the apartment of Tama, they encounter children who are startled by the team. Wahyu shoots the children dead, but they are able to summon back-up from Tama. Soon after the addicts inside start to assassinate the team fiercely, and Wahyu reveals that he has orchestrated this event in order to kill Tama because of the latter's knowledge of the former's corrupt activities and secret affiliation to Reza. This revelation meant that no back-up forced could be alerted to the apartment to help the officers, and that they were on their own. Offcier Rama proves himself to be a capable fighter for a rookie, and saves the remaining five officers from a certain death with a gas tank. After Rama takes care of his wounded collague Bowo, Wahyu departs with Jaka and Dagu to an another direction to capture Tama. 

Following the death of Jaka, Wahyu and Dagu meet with Rama. Together they fight past Tama's remaining henchmen before Rama is separated from them to save his brother, Andi. Together, Wahyu and Dagu eventually confront Tama in his monitor room; only for Wahyu to promptly betray Dagu by shooting him dead just moments after arresting Tama. Wahyu's betrayal is discovered when he encounters Rama and his brother Andi whilst taking Tama with him as a hostage with the intention of escaping.

He comes close to succeeding, but stops when Tama reveals that the whole ordeal was actually orchestrated by Reza, who had been bribed by Tama to eliminate Wahyu and his unit; thus, Wahyu had been set up by Reza to be killed or would be killed later on should he escape. In despair and acknowledging his taunts, Wahyu executes Tama before unsuccessfully attempting to commit suicide after finding out that he had just ran out of bullets. Later, he was apprehended by Rama and handcuffed.

Wahyu remains as one of the three surviving police officers of the raid, along with Bowo and Rama. They leave the apartment to see officer Bunawar, recommended by Andi.

The Raid 2: Berandal Edit

Couple hours after the first film, Bunawar receives the three police officers to his office.


Killed ByEdit

Bunawar soon orders his guard to execute Wahyu, who is then shot in the head multiple times. Rama protests against it as he wanted to have Wahyu under arrest for his actions such as the murder of Dagu and Tama, but eventually accepts Bunawar's decision.

Afterwards, Bunawar explains the matter and mentions that Wahyu would have been captured and killed nevertheless, making sure Wahyu would not have the chance to spread any kind of information to his corrupt superiors.

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  • Wahyu is one of the three officers to survive the first film's eponymous raid, others being Rama and Bowo.
  • Pierre Gruno doesn't appear on The Raid 2: Berandal. Instead, Wahyu is played by an unknown actor facing the camera backwards.